Our Partner.

Multicomfort is a leading European manufacturer of prefabricated cross-laminated timber (CLT) houses. CLT prefabricated houses are the most efficient way to construct new homes. Established in 2008 in Kraków, Poland, Multicomfort has recently invested in a state-of-the-art 24/7 factory which can manufacture individual prefabricated developments to large-scale social housing projects.

Natural Homes Limited has an exclusive agreement to represent Multicomfort in the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom.


Save on Build Costs.

A focus on accuracy and efficiency within the prefabrication manufacturing process drives out expensive and unnecessary waste without having to sacrifice anything in the finish. Precision well- tested construction methods also minimise need for future maintenance or repairs.


Faster Construction.

Tried and tested manufacturing methods ensure the delivery of high-quality prefabricated structural components ready for on-site construction as soon as they arrive. This seamless approach means incredibly fast completion is possible with the benefit of minimal community disruption.


Consistent Quality.

All prefabricated structural components are subject to rigorous quality checks prior to despatch, including those needed to ensure compliance with the highest Jersey standards. Expert assembly once on-site maintains this quality approach throughout the local construction process.



Flexible and Adaptable Spaces.

Natural Homes products can easily flex and adapt to meet changes in client needs once constructed. Homes can be remodelled, reconstructed, expanded and retrofitted as required, to accommodate circumstances such as growing families, changing living arrangements, home working demands and socialising preferences.



Low Running Costs.

Every prefabricated home is constructed using superbly insulated structural components designed from the outset to minimise heat loss and maximise energy efficiencies. The results are significant long-term savings on the cost of heating a house in winter or cooling in the summer.



A Sustainable Choice.

Comfort comes through knowing that Natural Homes products are highly environmentally friendly, with sustainability placed at the heart of the manufacturing and construction process. Once built, the design and high level of insulation helps guarantee the home’s low carbon footprint.



Advanced Home Concept Options.

Through its relationship with MultiComfort, Natural Homes can offer a range of cutting- edge home concepts including ecologically advanced passive houses, which require minimal energy for heating or cooling, and highly energy efficient buildings which take insulation to a new level, reducing any expenditure on heating requirements.


Welcomed by Mortgage Providers.

All products offered by Natural Homes fully meet any mortgage requirements established by local banks and loan companies. The highly energy efficient designs further align with many lenders own focus on sustainable investments and eco- friendly choices.


Building Control Certification.

Natural Homes can provide turnkey packages to include foundation and superstructure design certification per Jersey Building Control’s requirements, namely the certification of the Design (Building Structures) Scheme (SER).


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