Who We Are.

Natural Homes Limited offers an exciting, innovative and ultimately lower cost alternative to traditional building methods used in the Island.

We are Jersey-based with a deeply established appreciation of the local construction and homebuilding market, from both supplier and buyer perspectives. We hold an exclusive agency for products of leading international prefabricated homes manufacturer MultiComfort, which specialises in producing fast assembly eco-friendly timber structures.

Our mission is bringing together outstanding international MultiComfort products and local demand for attractive, affordable and environmentally low impact housing. Our aim is to be client focused, turnkey and adding value every step of the way.


What We Do.

Natural Homes works with clients every step of the way towards realising their requirements – a new Island home or group of homes built with outstanding qualities.
Through our exclusive agreement with the leading international CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) home manufacturer, we have access to help you choose from a wide range of MultiComfort products. From the outset, we work closely with our clients to understand their plans and requirements.


How it Works.

We will open dialogue with MultiComfort for your architect and principal contractor. They will work on the design specification, order the prefabricated home components and project manage on-site construction.

We can help organise the logistics of delivery and importation and also arrange a team of specialist fitters who work with your principal constructor on the initial stage of construction.

Our approach is to be flexible, fast and budget- orientated – we can help deliver wind and watertight homes in a fraction of standard construction times.


Why Natural Homes.

Manufacturing a home’s structural components off-site offers considerable advantage over traditional on-site construction methods:

  • Higher quality finish precision-made elements created within a factory setting
  • Faster build time – home components delivered to site ready for speedy assembly
  • Minimise impact of local weather conditions prefabricated components can include windows and doors

Once specified and ordered, the prefabricated structural components are typically manufactured in a matter of weeks. Once delivered to the site, assembly of components into a building typically takes place in a matter of days.

Prefabricated structural components can include windows and doors, and can be manufactured to incorporate all necessary wiring, plumbing and heating elements.

Such advantages along with outstanding eco- credentials mean prefabricated homes are becoming a mainstream choice across Europe. Natural Homes means that this advantageous choice is extended to Jersey as well.


Our Latest Projects

Our Responsibility.

Comfort comes through knowing that Natural Homes house structures are highly environmentally friendly, with sustainability placed at the heart of the manufacturing and construction process. Once built, the design and high level of insulation helps guarantee the home’s low carbon footprint.

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